Blue has had an interesting life. We refer to Blue and his story as our Walt Disney story. It was about 10 or 11 years ago that we put down our Black Lab mix, Sam, and we were left with our Weimaraner, Fritz.  Dr. Bertino was familiar with Fritz (and Sam) having doctored both dogs at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital.  After we put Sam down, Shiloh Veterinary Hospital called and asked if we would be interested in adopting a Weimaraner puppy.  I agreed to come down to Shiloh Veterinary Hospital with Fritz, our Weimaraner, to see if Fritz would accept the puppy. Fritz was an older dog with a  stubborn and cantankerous attitude. Fritz and I were waiting in one of the examining rooms at Shiloh to meet the Weimaraner puppy. The puppy came into the room with a  young lady, who called the Weimaraner puppy Blue. Fritz immediately started foaming at the mouth and growling at Blue the Weimaraner puppy. The young lady who brought Blue the Weimaraner puppy into the room to meet us said “He’s going to kill the puppy”.  Fritz and I left Shiloh that day without Blue the Weimaraner puppy. About one year laterand after we had put Fritz down, Dr. Bertino called me and said that Blue the Weimaraner (who had been Blue the Weimaraner puppy a year earlier) was back and had been abandoned for a second time. She also told me to come down, pick him up and take him home. A doctor’s intuition? I immediately went down to Shiloh to check out Blue. I don’t recall how long I spent with Blue during the second visit to determine if we were compatible, but it was a matter of minutes and probably seconds.  We were compatible. Later that day as we were leaving, Blue went over to the one of the staff who had been helping with him during his second stay.  Blue jumped up on her, placed his front paws on her shoulders and gave her a big kiss.  The Shiloh staff was watching. They started clapping and cheering.  Blue went home with me that day.

I was told by the staff at Shiloh that Blue would tuck himself under blankets.  I wasn’t sure whether to believe the story or not. I had never heard of a dog tucking himself in at night. The first night at our house, Blue did exactly what they had described. He tucked himself in. He nosed under the blankets until his head and shoulders were under the blankets then he crawled under the blankets until he was covered up. He does this each and every night.