Why is it important to neuter (spay or castrate) my pet?

Spaying or castrating your pet helps reduce the number of unwanted pets and provides long-term health benefits to your dog or cat.  You care for your pet and want to ensure that he/she is happy and healthy.  Unfortunately, for every puppy or kitten that finds a happy home, four others are unwanted, unloved, and possibly neglected or abused.

Don’t be part of the problem – be part of the solution!

Male dogs and cats benefit from the neutering process.  Male dogs that are neutered are less likely to develop disease of the prostate gland, and both dogs and cats are no longer at risk for testicular cancer and infections.  After, neutering your male dog or cat will continue to have his own unique personality and will be less likely to roam away from home!

Female dogs and cats benefit from the spaying process.  Studies show that by spaying your female dog or cat before her first heat cycle, you greatly reduce her chances of developing breast cancer later in life. Having your female dog or cat spayed will also protect her from chronic uterine infections and difficult or dangerous pregnancies.