Monty was a rescue kitty found in a gutter riddled with lice. My daughter adopted him and loved him for 6 years. Monty became a part of our family when my daughter helped her now husband move to Washington. She asked us to watch him for a week that was 5 years ago! I have been bringing Monty to Shiloh Vet, “his happy place” for 5 years now. I have been told he is a model cat for his exams. Monty has some loveable things about him. He favors the fake Christmas tree with lights only, no ornaments. We play a game with the feathers on a stick where I fling the feather part into the tree like a bird. He proceeds to get into the branches to retrieve the bird and could play this game for quite a while! He greets us at the door when we come home I like to think it’s a welcome instead of him wanting food. He likes to go to bed each night at 9:00 and will meow to let us know if it’s getting too late. He is a special cat to us! Monty developed diabetes several months ago and with the help of Dr. Cook he is thriving. We will continue to take him to Shiloh Vet for excellent care and hope to have him for several more years!!!